Electricity and Photovoltaics

Electricians in Mallorca


Our team has higher education training in electricity, telecommunications and electronics. We have a large number of completed works that can demonstrate our experience and value.

We value continuous training with the aim that coordination and planning represent us in all jobs.

Installation of electric charger in Mallorca

Installation of electric car chargers

We are committed to innovation and sustainability, offering professional electric car charger installation services. Whether for your home or your business, our experts will provide you with an efficient and personalized solution that adapts to your needs. Take advantage of cutting-edge technology and ensure your vehicle is always ready to take your mobility to the next level.

Installation of solar panels in Mallorca


We are committed to photovoltaic energy since it allows our clients not to depend on an electricity supplier, helps the environment and considerably or completely reduces the electricity bill.

We advise our clients opting for the best option. The installation can be integrated through home automation for a complete and intelligent control of the installation.

Self-consumption is prioritized using the energy from the solar installation while they can count on it and when this is not the case, they obtain energy from the electrical network. The only difference between different facilities is what to do with the energy generated but not consumed (surplus).

The excess energy that is created while we are not at home or as long as the consumption does not exceed the generated energy will be used by injecting into the NETWORK and in return we receive compensation on the electricity bill.

With this option we inject surplus energy into the installation’s batteries, which allows it to be consumed during the hours when it is not generated (cloudy or at night). However, we remain connected to the electrical network in such a way that when we run out of energy that we have accumulated in the battery, we can continue consuming what we extract from the network.

All the solar energy is consumed and in the event that it is left over, an anti-discharge mechanism will not allow the energy to pass to the NETWORK. Being the discharge 0.

Where it is not possible to connect to the network or we do not seek to depend on them. The only difference between this installation and the photovoltaic installation with batteries is the need to have a generator set (generator) that operates when there is no solar radiation for a long time. In Mallorca it is a widely used option, giving life to many plots of land that previously could not be lived on.


Sound systems

We recommend the installation of our Smart Home technology for Multi-room control. A single control system for the entire house, premises or hotel.

Video surveillance