Heating and air conditioning

Underfloor heating

Underfloor heating: the most desired option today. It is the perfect substitute for wall radiators since it leaves that space free for us and also heats the entire surface of the floor at the same time. We use the best materials on the market to guarantee an ideal installation for winter days, year after year. The best option to heat the water without a doubt is aerothermal energy and the use of photovoltaic energy. At CLIPATECH we have the solution so that our clients can do a lot, with little.

All areas are individually controlled by home automation through a Loxone valve actuator that allows the user to regulate the temperature automatically or from our smart buttons or App.


The alternative to conventional systems. Investing in this technology is the key. We can have at a very low cost a system of underfloor heating, air conditioning by water-air fan coil and domestic hot water (ACS). Aerothermal energy is classified as renewable energy, it allows savings between 30 and 75% of consumption compared to other systems. At CLIPATECH we recommend its installation for any home with more than 90m2.


The simplest and most efficient way to cool and heat all types of premises, restaurants and offices of medium or large surfaces. Its aesthetics and its quick response to cool or heat makes it a system

Ducted air conditioning

A system that, due to its numerous advantages, makes it one of the most widely used for air conditioning homes or premises efficiently, economically and easily at the user level.


For supply and return air, you can choose from numerous options. Grilles, mushroom type diffusers, diffusers with frame or recessed linear diffusers without frame. At CLIPATECH we advise you with the entire process.

Split type air conditioning

By means of two machines, an external compressor and one or several internal splits, we obtain a system to cool or heat spaces very quickly. A highly required system on very hot days.

Alternative energies


At CLIPATECH we support all projects where ventilation aims to minimize energy costs to cool and heat a home.

We renew the air by installing a heat recovery unit and a tube installation in the house with outlets in each of the rooms, making the most of the outside air to constantly renew the air in the house and thus helping the air conditioning system or heating to continue offering the desired temperature at a minimum cost.

We love challenges and for this reason, apart from the heat recovery unit, we recommend the installation of a geothermal system that takes advantage of the earth’s temperature to heat or cool the air. The two combined systems are essential for a passivhaus: