Pressure groups

With fluid pressure groups it is possible to increase the pressure, speed and height in its displacement.

A pressure group is usually made up of one or more hydraulic pumps or water pumps, which act as a suction force for water directly from the network, or from a closed auxiliary tank.

At CLIPATECH we take care of making the necessary calculations to choose the type of pressure group that best suits the installation.

Sanitation networks: rainwater and fecal

Rainwater networks are untreated water that accumulates inside a closed tank that finally said water can be used for many functions, one of which would be irrigation.

The sanitation networks are based on the connections between pipes, chests and downspouts. A good installation of these drainage networks facilitates the flow immediately without clogging.

Exterior and interior plumbing networks

At CLIPATECH we generally use multilayer pipes for interior plumbing installations, being the best current material on the market.

For outdoor installations we use protected multilayer, PPR or polyethylene.

Sanitary equipment installation

For its correct installation, there must first be an adequate pre-installation of the pipes and embedded equipment.

We work with different brands such as Geberit, Roca, Duravit.

Example of pre-installation pavicesped


Automatic irrigation is essential to save energy and water. From the rainwater tank, by means of a self-priming pump, the water is propelled towards solenoid valves that are previously controlled by a home automation system or a conventional control system that allows the passage of water towards automatic sprinklers or dripping only when the plants and trees need it. .


Pool treatment plant

Near any pool we will find the pool treatment plant inside the machine room, which is essential to keep the water clean. All installation must be carried out according to a previous study of the pool, at CLIPATECH we take care of everything.

We recommend the installation of a heat pump to heat the pool water and thus extend the summer months.