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Revolutionizing Spaces with Smart Buildings

Imagine being able to control and optimize every aspect of your building with just a touch. Our Smart Buildings service radically transforms how you interact with your home, hotel, office or any commercial space. Tired of high energy costs and inefficient management systems that don’t align with a modern, sustainable lifestyle? Get ready to experience a revolution in energy efficiency, safety and comfort.

At Clipatech Installations we are pioneers in the implementation of this advanced technology in the Balearic Islands. Introducing an intelligent building automation solution, designed to challenge the limits of conventional management and deliver an adaptive, safe and energy-efficient environment.

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Advantages of Smart Buildings

Significant savings


We connect and control all the components of the smart building. Numerous open interfaces make the energy management system infinitely flexible and enable holistic energy management that is unique in the world, opening up numerous energy saving potentials, a solution that adapts to any type of project and requirement.

Building investors, operators and users alike benefit from an investment in Loxone building automation. The additional costs of smart building technology often pay for themselves in a short time thanks to the large savings potential.

Buildings are responsible for 44% of global energy consumption. With efficient energy management, this consumption could be reduced by up to half.

To visualize and optimize all energy flows, a building needs a central control system to connect all the energy devices in a building and ensure that they operate as efficiently as possible, both individually and together.

  • We record and visualize energy consumption

The most important thing is to know where the energy goes in the building, how much it consumes and how much it produces. For this we need the Loxone Central Energy block, which plays a fundamental role since it easily shows in real time all the data necessary to adopt specific optimization measures.

  • We reduce basic energy consumption

Using the data obtained, we seek to find ways to reduce the base load, such as automatically disconnecting consumers that are not needed all the time and discover possible energy leaks.

The elements that consume the most energy are usually air conditioning or ventilation systems that operate at high power even when no one is in the building.

Controlling and optimizing these consumptions means immediate and significant cost savings in addition to reducing the carbon footprint and extending the life of the devices.

  • We shift energy consumption

With the help of Loxone software we can shift energy consumption to times when energy is cheaper or free, especially if solar energy is available.

We make a difference with the help of unique software.

A comprehensive energy management system unique in the world

Optimal indoor climate

energy efficient heating, cooling and ventilation

The integration of a photovoltaic system or intelligent load management are just the beginning. Heating accounts for more than 70% of energy consumption and to achieve true energy efficiency, it is also necessary to integrate heating, cooling and ventilation into the intelligent home and building automation system.

By integrating it into the home and building automation system, the buffer tank can optimize energy consumption and maximize the use of renewable energy. The boiler communicates directly with Loxone to turn it on or off and regulate the flow temperature.

The heat pump can be efficiently controlled based on various factors such as outside or ambient temperature or favorable electricity availability with dynamic tariffs. In addition, the forecast-based control system allows operation to be planned based on weather data to ensure high energy efficiency and minimize operating costs.

Prediction-based control can be used, for example, to activate the air conditioning device before the outside temperature rises, in addition to being able to be controlled based on the presence of the inhabitants, thus maximizing comfort while at the same time energy is saved.

Loxone decides when and how intensely to ventilate based on various parameters, such as ambient temperature, humidity and CO2 level. This not only ensures optimal air quality, but also minimizes energy losses due to unnecessary ventilation. The use of presence detectors also allows ventilation to be controlled based on demand.

You are just one step away from revolutionizing your space

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