Smart Film

Smart glass

Discover the future of privacy and design

Imagine having the power to change the look of your space with the push of a button. Our Smart Film takes the technology of your home, office or commercial premises to the next level. Tired of outdated curtains and blinds that don’t suit your modern lifestyle? Get ready for a revolution in privacy control and aesthetics.

Clipatech Installations is the exclusive distribution and installation company in the Balearic Islands offering Smart Film products. We are pleased to present our new technology that challenges any environment.

We supply and install the smart film in Mallorca, Ibiza and Menorca.

Complete solutions for your daily needs

The only and best alternative to replace traditional curtains and blinds.

We understand that controlling light and maintaining your privacy can be a big challenge. Traditional solutions such as curtains and blinds can be impractical, outdated and difficult to maintain. If you’re looking for a way to handle these aspects without sacrificing style and comfort, Smart Films are the best option.

Personalization and design tailored to you

This innovative film offers an elegant and simple solution to your privacy and light control problems. With its ability to change from transparent to opaque in an instant, Smart Film gives you complete control over your environment, allowing you to enjoy both open and intimate spaces, as needed.

Our Smart Film is a film made of liquid crystal/polymer hybrid material that is applied to glass in vinyl form to control its opacity.

The Smart Film makes the glass change from transparent to opaque, providing privacy and temperature control with a single click.

Smart Film Applications

Enjoy stepless dimming control and experience privacy as the smart film magically transforms glass surfaces, offering dynamic control at your fingertips.



Commercial premises

Tourism (hotels, restaurants, etc.)

Special projects

Transparent Led Screen

Discover the versatile transparent LED display, composed of RGB magic lamp beads that can be seamlessly spliced ​​into any size. This high-tech display glass product offers unlimited expandability, making it ideal for glass curtain walls, advertising media, space décor, home design, commercial displays and functional signage. Unleash your creativity with this LED display solution.


Remote control


App - mobile, tablet, etc.

Automated through sensors

Complete solutions for your daily needs

Why choose our Smart Film?

Are you a professional and want to offer this product?


Create quiet spaces for relaxation and private conversations. It can be installed in luxury hotels, resorts or high-end residential properties to provide guests with a serene oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the surrounding area.

With Smart Film, you can instantly control the transparency of windows, screens or doors, providing flexible privacy options. In hotel suites, private residences or VIP areas, Smart Film allows guests or residents to switch between transparent and opaque modes, ensuring privacy whenever desired. It also adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the interior design, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.


Smart Film is the perfect solution for creating quiet and private spaces within office environments. Ideal for confidential meetings, phone calls or focused work that requires minimal distractions.

This innovative technology combines transparency and dynamic visual content, allowing companies to display information, ads or interactive presentations while maintaining visibility across the screen. Transparent LED displays are ideal for reception areas, conference rooms or exhibition spaces, where companies can attract visitors and leave a lasting impression.

Smart Film can be applied to conference rooms, executive offices or collaboration areas, offering flexible privacy options and enhancing the functionality of the space. Smart Film allows businesses to create customizable and adaptable environments that fit their specific needs.


A versatile display solution that finds numerous applications in commercial and retail spaces. These transparent screens can be used to display dynamic content while maintaining visibility across the screen. In retail stores, transparent LED displays can be used to display promotional offers, product information or interactive brand experiences, captivating customers and enhancing their shopping experience. In commercial settings, these displays can be used for presentations, digital signage, or engaging visual displays.

In retail stores, Smart Film can be used on shop windows or glass partitions to create privacy in changing rooms, VIP areas or exclusive sections.

You are just one step away from revolutionizing your space

Contact us today to transform your space with Smart Film. It’s time to say goodbye to outdated privacy solutions and welcome a world of elegance, functionality and control