Smart Home Automation​


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At CLIPATECH we offer the Loxone solution, which allows you to automate most tasks related to security, energy efficiency and well-being at home.

Intelligent automation and intuitive control of lighting, multi-room audio, heating, climate control, security, shading, energy management and more.

Complete solutions for your daily needs

Why do we bet on Loxone?

Smart Home control

At CLIPATECH we are in favor to make the maximum of functionalities work by themselves according to the programming parameters without even pressing a button. If we want to carry out manual control, we have the option of the personalized App and our smart switch. Our home automation system works at 24V using 3 connection paths: wired, AIR (via radio) or virtual. The brain (miniserver) has its own router so it is not linked to any WIFI network. If the internet is down, all functionality will continue as usual without being affected.

Loxone smart switches

Pure touch switch

Satin glass multi-push button with temperature and humidity sensor.

Touch switch

Plastic multi-button with temperature and humidity sensor.

Touch surface switch

This button allows the integration of the Loxone Touch concept in furniture and different surfaces of the home, from which the lighting, audio and shading functions can be activated


Lighting has a great impact on the comfort and well-being of people, whether in homes, offices, restaurants, shops, etc. Through the combination of different types of lights, suitable environments are created for each site.

Regulation and smooth changes

A low intensity light is not only pleasing to the eye and gives a touch of design, but also reduces consumption. It facilitates the change of environment creating a better sensation.


The lights flash when smoke, intrusion is detected or when the doorbell rings while the children are sleeping or we are on the terrace.

Presence simulation

While you’re away, the house turns on certain lights so no one suspects your absence.

Help in saving energy

The lights turn off automatically if no one is there. You can also turn off all the lights with the Touch or App.

Alarm clock

Wake up in a pleasant way thanks to the progressive switching on of the lights. It can also be linked with blinds and audio.

Night mode

If it detects that you get out of bed, the guide-shaped lights turn on with soft color and intensity.


Depending on the natural light, the lights turn on or not automatically and regulated.

Protection included

Safety lock for children, they can be locked and still have control from the App.

Smart blinds

Blinds help you wake up pleasantly, letting daylight into the room. Venetian or roller blinds throughout the house go up automatically to start the day with energy.

Air conditioning

Intelligent and optimal air conditioning through the control of heating, cooling and ventilation.

The user does not have to adjust the values, nor worry about the quality of the air or the humidity; the systems work to offer the correct temperature at any time of the day.

We control all brands of air conditioners on the market through Modbus gateways. In the case of water-air machines, we control the valve actuator and the speeds of the machine.

Multiroom Audio

A system that allows you to enjoy your favorite music regardless of the room where you are and who else is using the system.

Energy efficiency



In the face of any unexpected event or incidence, the house reacts to alert the people who are in it.



Garden and irrigation

Through automation, optimal use of resources is achieved, saving water and energy since it is activated only when necessary and more efficient.

It takes into account the humidity level and the weather forecast so as not to turn on unnecessarily, only when it has not rained enough or rain is not expected.


Pool and sauna

Automate pool maintenance

Remote pool control by sensors or schedules

Remote sauna control

Technologies and protocols with which the Loxone system is compatible: Modbus, EnOcean, Shuco, Froling, Internorm, KNX, Dali, DMX, RS485, RS232, Tesla, Apple, Miele, Sonos, Fronius etc.